We’re Changing the Content Game

ContentWish is reshaping the industry through productized content services that help agencies and marketers scale effortlessly.

We’re a 100% remote team with over 40 awesome people from five different continents, with one mission in common: simplifying the content marketing experience.

Since 2019, we’ve become one of the go-to providers of outsourced SEO content services in the industry.

So far, we’ve worked with over 200 clients in various industries, and have successfully published over 5,000 articles. We’re constantly refining our process, adding new services, and onboarding new talent to our team to ensure we keep up with industry trends and changes.

Meet Our Team

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How We Got Here


Mahmoud (our founder and CEO) (Linkedin profile) created his first affiliate site and faced an issue with the high cost of outsourcing quality SEO content.


He later sold that site, and the new owner asked to purchase content from his team. This request sparked the idea for a content agency, centered around his proven method for creating affordable, high-quality content.


ContentWish officially launched with just a few freelance writers and editors. Gradually, we gained traction, attracting interest from major companies, even as we navigated life during a global pandemic.


The team expanded to over 20 members, our clients grew larger, and so did their content demands. By this point, we were delivering roughly 300,000 words per month.


We shifted our focus internally, developing new guidelines to enhance our work's quality, and began recruiting more skilled talent. We also started transitioning from 'generalist' content to specializing in niche topics.


As many major content agencies shut down due to ChatGPT, we chose to embrace AI and automation in our operations and even developed new AI-powered services.


This year, ContentWish is expanding its service range, with a clear focus on a streamlined ordering process, top-quality deliverables, and scalable pricing.

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