Our add-ons enable you to better manage your content, allowing you to focus on your content marketing strategy and delivering compelling content that converts. Read below to know more about our comprehensive cost-effective offerings that you can opt for during checkout; we’re at your beck and call.

1. WordPress Publishing

In this digital era, we’re all very pressed for time and always on tight schedules. Taking that into account, we’re taking one major task off your plate by offering you WordPress Publishing as soon as your content is delivered. Just grant us access to your author account and we’ll draft the article right there. All you’ll need to do is click publish. Talk about time-saving!

  • This add-on costs $7/article regardless of its length.
  • On the how-to front, you’ll simply either create an author account on your WordPress blog that’s accessible to us, or you can grant us access to an already existing author account.
  • What this add-on entails:
    1. Developing an SEO-title
    2. Drafting a meta-description 
    3. Adding a featured image 
    4. Including 4 SEO-optimized images (or more, if applicable) 
    5. Cleaning up and formatting HTML 
    6. Ensuring a well-formatted article

2. SurferSEO Optimization

  • This add-on costs $10/1000 words, aside from the pre-existing content writing rate/1000 words.
  • Upon choosing the SurferSEO, make sure to state the corresponding quantity to your article length. For instance, if your content order consists of 20,000 words, you would put down 20 when it comes to the SurferSEO field.