Automatic Ordering Temporarily On Hold

What's Happening?

We understand that you’re attempting to place an order with us but with no luck, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. To put things into perspective, during March and April, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in demand for our content packages from new customers as well as returning orders from our existing customers.

Given that we always place top-notch quality as a priority and that ContentWish operates through an in-house team of content writers and editors, we’ve reached our maximum order capacity, and this is a first for us since we entered the market in May 2020! We wouldn’t trust anyone else but ourselves to deliver your content, which is why the only available route was to temporarily disable our automatic ordering option.

Don’t go just yet, though! 🙂 We’re currently only receiving order requests via email ( , and depending on the order details and size, we’ll get back to you on whether we’ll be able to accept your order. 

We promise to do our best to accommodate all of your orders while maintaining reasonable TATs, and once again, we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding and apologize for the inconvenience. Looking forward to fulfilling all of your orders and being part of the expansion of your sites!

Our very best,

The ContentWish Team