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Customers Terms & Guarantees

We look forward to getting started with your project! Below are the terms and guarantees that apply to all ContentWish orders.

Terms of Service

We look forward to getting started with your project! Below are the terms of services and guarantees that apply to all ContentWish orders.

What Our Content Packages Include

Behind the scenes of our content writing processes, this is what happens:

  • In-depth content research
  • Title generation (if a preferred title isn’t provided)
  • Standard SEO optimization, including:
    • Main keyword placement
    • Integration of 2-3 secondary keywords
    • Formatting
  • Plagiarism check via Copyscape premium
  • Grammarly premium check
  • One round of extensive content editing

Upon delivery, you’ll receive:

  • Final content output (up to 10,000 words within 8 business days) in the form of a shared Google Sheet containing a Google Doc link for each article
  • WordPress publishing (add-on), including:
    • Uploading the content
    • Adding the focus keyword, SEO title tags and meta descriptions
    • Adjusting the formatting

What Our Content Packages Don't Include

Below are the elements that aren’t part of our services:

  • Content briefs creation, including:
    • Proposing word counts for content
    • Identifying the main keyword
    • Pinpointing a specific tone of voice/writing style to be used in the content
  • Content optimization using SEO tools (except SurferSEO, which can be purchased separately as an add-on)
  • Incorporating/uploading images, graphics, screenshots, links to images, and videos within the content

SurferSEO Add-on

If you’re looking to optimize your content further, we offer SurferSEO-optimized content as an add-on. Optimizing your content with Surfer’s Content Editor includes:

  • Selection of the most relevant competitors for your main/primary keyword
  • Filtering the best keywords, key phrases, and words to include within the content
  • Inclusion of relevant topics/questions
  • Optimization of the content, guaranteeing a minimum score of 70*

*Disclaimer: While we’ll do our best to optimize your articles, we reserve the right to deliver content below the 70 score in the below scenarios:

  • The average score of the top competitors is below 70
  • Your content has a different purpose/intent than that of the top competitors
  • You have specific requirements that don’t align with the guidelines suggested by Surfer

Our Scope: Content Types and Topics

At ContentWish, our core specialization is writing blog posts/articles for niche site owners, e-commerce stores, and SaaS businesses looking to rank as high as possible on search engines. Below are the types of blog posts we provide:

  • Product Roundups (Best X for Y)
  • Product Reviews (X Review)
  • Product Comparisons (X vs. Y)
  • Informational Articles (How-to’s, guides, tutorials, and similar)


In contrast, we don’t provide the following content types:

  • Product Descriptions for e-Commerce Stores
  • Landing Pages
  • Service Pages
  • Social Media Posts
  • Home Pages
  • Website Copy
  • Email Campaigns
  • HR Manuals
  • Additional content types that don’t fall under the categorization of a “blog post”

Topics and Categories

We write about almost any topic, but some are off-limits. These include:

  • Sexual/18+ content 
  • Drugs/smoking-related content
  • Medical content that requires a doctor’s consultation
  • Gambling and betting content
  • Religious and spiritual content


*Disclaimer: Our writers aren’t subject-matter experts–they; only rely on their research skills to meet your content requirements. Please don’t expect our writers’ insights to match those that someone who has expertise in the field would have.

Content Order Requirements and Process

To get started with placing an order with ContentWish, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements for each article you need:

  • A target keyword/title
  • The article/blog post must be at least 500 words
  • The topic must be a researchable one, which means there are sufficient online resources to enable our writers to cover the topic (resources don’t include academic articles, research papers, PDFs, and similar)


We want to make sure that the content you receive is always in line with your expectations in terms of both quality and quick production. Therefore, please provide specific details when submitting your order. If you don’t include all the required details, your project may be delayed in processing time on our end.

Turnaround Times and Delivery Dates

For orders of less than 100,000 words, we guarantee the delivery of up to 10,000 words every 8 business days (per batch).

*Disclaimer: Weekends and holidays don’t count towards the timeline.

For customers working with us on bulk orders (i.e., orders consisting of more than 100,000 words), we’ll work closely with you on turnaround timelines tailored to your needs.

All orders are delivered in the form of Google Docs files and posted directly to a spreadsheet that will be shared with you for quick access. We’ll also keep you updated by sending you email notifications when each order is completed.

Order Modifications

While we understand that you may want to make changes to your order after it has been confirmed (canceling particular articles, replacing articles with other ones, and similar), we can’t guarantee that we’ll accept any requests for alterations. This is because the writing process begins once the order is confirmed from our end.

Order Cancellation

Canceling an order after it’s placed is only allowed if it hasn’t been confirmed. To put this into perspective, once you place your order with us, our team sends out a confirmation message (if your brief is complete) with an estimated delivery date. After that, our content production process starts right away. At that point, we won’t be able to cancel your order.


When placing an order with us, several guarantees will be extended to ensure your satisfaction. Here’s what you need to know.

Contract-Free Agreement

You don’t have to sign a contract with us, and there are no setup or cancellation fees. Our goal is to provide you with the highest-value content possible – which means we’ll never try roping you into contracts that you may not want later on down the line!

If your experience with us isn’t working out, you’re absolutely free to stop using our service anytime (although we’ll do everything within reason to make sure you don’t want to).

Quality Guarantee

Your content will not only meet but exceed your standards. We guarantee that every content piece we deliver:

  • Is factually correct
  • Comprehensively follows your brief and the instructions you provide
  • Passes Copyscape’s premium plagiarism checker
  • Is proofread by the editor on Grammarly Premium
  • Goes through two rounds of editing (the first being an extensive one by an editor for content purposes and the second by a proofreader so no mistakes can sneak through!)

Content Ownership

When we create a piece of content for you, its ownership is yours. You can use it however and whenever without any restrictions from us whatsoever! We won’t republish, recycle or redistribute any of it.

Unlimited Revisions

ContentWish provides you with unlimited revisions for every article you order as long as they’re communicated within:

  • 7 business days from the delivery date of orders of less than 10,000 words
  • 14 business days from the delivery date of orders above 10,000 words

To request a revision, all you need to do is open your account dashboard and share it with us in a message. You’ll get your changes made within 3 business days from the date the ContentWish team receives your request and confirms it.

While we’re always open to feedback and addressing any quality concerns you may have, it’s only fair that we set some limits to the extent of these revisions, so please consider the following:

What Revisions Are

Revisions are a way to make sure the content you received from us meets the standards set in the initial content brief. They can be used for accidental factual inaccuracies or phrases that may not communicate exactly what you want them to say.

What Revisions Aren’t

Revisions aren’t an opportunity to change the parameters of a brief or add in extra elements that were originally lacking, such as:

  • Tone or brand voice requirements that weren’t outlined in the initial brief
  • Including particular industry-specific or brand-specific terms/keywords that weren’t requested
  • Expanding on particular points or sections of an article


Revisions also can’t incorporate additional services, such as:

  • Increasing the word count of an article
  • Adding sections, references, or information not requested in the original brief
  • Editing our content once more after a third-party service provider has edited it


Finally, revisions don’t include:

  • A rewrite of an entire article
  • In the case of product-related content, rewriting sections about products that have become unavailable/gone out of stock after the article’s delivery
  • Addressing changes based on client errors in the brief’s guidelines

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Valid ONLY for our Tester package.

We’re all about making sure that you get the best content possible. If, for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the content you received and it can’t be modified with some revisions, just let us know within 30 days so we can refund you in full! We won’t question how or why, but rest assured–you’ll get every penny back.

Words-Back Guarantee

*Valid ONLY for our Tester and Starter packages.

We know that sometimes, even with the most dedicated writers, things don’t always go as planned. So if the content you receive from us doesn’t match your expectations, and it seems like minor revisions wouldn’t solve this issue – don’t worry!

You can request a complete rewrite and provide us with an updated brief on what needs changing or simply request to get the article rewritten from scratch. We’ll take care of it and make sure all your revision points are met!

Yet, as is the case with anything, here’s the fine print that comes with this policy:

  • You understand that by requesting a full refund/rewrite, you are forfeiting all rights to the content. We reserve the right to resell or use it at our own discretion. Additionally, you should be informed that we use automated tools like DMCA and Copyscape to trace clients who buy articles and then ask for refunds after publishing them, which is considered stealing intellectual property.
  • We understand that you may need to ask for a refund or request revisions from time to time. However, we reserve the right to deny you our services if this happens repeatedly. This can be done at any point that we find appropriate and without the obligation to specify reasons. Please use this policy as a last resort.

Lifetime Credit Balance

Your ContentWish word-credits never expire as long as the account you used to purchase them is active. You’re free to accumulate and use them however often suits your needs best!

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