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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to make full use of ContentWish’s services.


More than 70% of our writers are Egyptian, while the rest are based across various parts of the world. It’s worth noting that most, if not all, of our writers studied locally in American or British schools/universities, which equipped them with unparalleled English fluency to craft high-standard output!

While our service comes at unbeatable affordable prices, rest assured that we have rigorous screening and hiring processes for quality assurance – you won’t receive anything “awkward” or “broken” written by us.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer you the choice of writer for your projects given our volume of work. However! We have a system in place called the”Best-Match Writer”, which ensures that your project gets assigned to writers who share similar experiences and/or wrote for you before, so there’s no need to worry about whether they’re qualified or not!

We take many steps to maintain our quality–from initial writer vetting to final content delivery.

  • We don’t let just anyone join our team. Our writers go through a rigorous vetting process; only those who meet exceptionally high standards are allowed.
  • Every content piece goes through two rounds of editing before being sent out to you–one primarily by an editor, while another round sees input from fellow proofreaders as well!
  • Unlike companies out there who start working on tasks without first understanding customer needs, we make sure that every brief is checked down to every detail once you place your order before proceeding with the writing process.

Entirely, from the first to the last word! Content-generating software and tools aren’t in our dictionary. Our content writers craft the content from scratch, and articles are checked with premium plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape to pledge that 100% of your delivered content is unique.

No, we only create new content from scratch.

Uploading your content to WordPress is free with all of our packages! However, there’s one slight catch – we don’t offer images, graphics, screenshots, links to images, or videos within the content.

Only with bulk orders (100,000+ words). The rest of our packages follow our normal order processing times.

Yes, when we create a piece of content for you, its ownership is yours. You can use it however and whenever without any restrictions from us whatsoever! We won’t republish, recycle or redistribute any of it.
Without question! We tailor our tone of voice to fit your communication or brand style guides. Feel free to send them over, and we’ll be happy to follow them.


  • Content Research
  • Title Generation (if a preferred title isn’t provided)
  • Standard SEO Optimization, including:
    • Main keyword placement
    • Integration of 2-3 secondary keywords
    • Structured headings (H1, H2, H3, and H4)
  • CW Quality Guarantee, which includes:
    • Plagiarism Check via Copyscape Premium
    • Grammarly Premium Check
    • One Round of Extensive Content Editing
    • One Round of Manual Proofreading
Upon delivery you receive:
  • Final content output in the form of a Google spreadsheet containing a Google doc for each blog post
  • WordPress Publishing, including:
    • Uploading the content
    • Adding the focus keyword, SEO title tags and meta descriptions
    • Adjusting the formatting
Niche/affiliate site content is our specialty. Our team is skilled at producing all sorts of material for niche sites, including product roundups, product reviews, product comparisons, and informational articles. We also welcome e-commerce store owners and SaaS businesses who need similar content material to expand their reach. But we don’t want to leave you with an incomplete understanding of what content we offer, so here’s a list of content that we don’t provide:
  • Landing Pages
  • Service Pages
  • Social Media Posts
  • Home Pages
  • Website Copy
  • Email Campaigns
  • HR Manuals
  • Additional content types that don’t fall under the categorization of a “blog post”
Yes! We help you stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace with engaging, purposeful content that also comes with Standard SEO Optimization for better rankings. That means:
  • Main keyword placement
  • Integration of 2-3 secondary keywords
  • Structured headings (H1, H2, H3, and H4)
And if you want more than just Standard SEO Optimization, you can always purchase our SurferSEO add-on ($0.010/word). This deeper level of optimization includes everything that the standard type does, plus we’ll work with Surfer SEO’s Content Editor and write your content using the software’s guidelines.
While most niches are okay by us, please note that some are off-limits. These include:
  • Sexual/18+ content
  • Drugs/smoking-related content
  • Medical content that requires a doctor’s consultation
  • Gambling and betting content
  • Content promoting counterfeit goods
  • Religious and spiritual content
  • Content not abiding by legal requirements
*If your order isn’t accepted for any reason, we’ll get back to you with an explanation and a full refund. If you’re unsure about an order because of its niche, send us a message before placing it, and we’ll let you know whether it can go through or not!

Yes! We’re dedicated to providing content services at your convenience. Contact us here and let’s discuss how we can fulfill your requests.

To submit your order details, place your order, checkout, then log in to our clients’ portal.

On your account dashboard, you’ll find a tab called “Orders”, where you can place the necessary information.

You may also send us an email with this information at with your Order ID as the subject line.

*Please note that our minimum requirements to start processing your order are:

  • A main keyword/article title
  • Target word count/word count range (with the minimum word count for each article being 500)
  • WordPress login credentials (optional)

Is It Possible to Send My Own Brief or Order Instructions, Rather Than Your Content Instructions Template?

Feel free to submit your own instructions brief any way you like as long as they’re in written format! Briefs in the form of videos, courses, and similar formats will not be accepted.

No, unless the changes are communicated before our team confirms the order.

Due to our fast delivery, content orders are assigned to writers shortly after they’re confirmed and started on right away. Make sure to run through your brief and requirements meticulously before you confirm your order.

On the other hand, if you communicate the modifications you want before the order confirmation or if it’s a minor adjustment, then we’ll be happy to make changes to your order.

All orders are delivered in the form of Google Docs files and posted directly to a spreadsheet that will be shared with you for quick access. We can also keep you updated by sending you email notifications when each order is completed.

Orders consisting of 10,000 words or less are delivered at once, while orders above 10,000 words are delivered in batches of 10,000 words.

For orders up to 10,000 words, we guarantee delivery within 8 business days.

For order packages consisting of more than 10,000 words, the package is divided into 10,000-word batches, each delivered within intervals of 8 business days. For example, if you ordered 30,000 words, you’ll receive 3 batches of 10,000 words– each within 8 business days. 

For customers working with us on bulk orders (i.e., orders consisting of more than 100,000 words), we’ll work closely with you on specific turnaround timelines tailored to your needs.

*Disclaimer: Weekends and holidays don’t count towards the timeline (take a look at our international holiday schedule)

While you can place two orders with us at once, there’s no guarantee that we’ll work on them at the same time. We want to serve all of our clients equally, and given that we have an in-house team, our capacity is limited.

However, don’t worry too much because we always try to speed up our processing time for the best client experience.

SurferSEO Add-On

$0.010/word. For instance, if you want 10,000 Surfer-optimized words, the cost will be that of the basic content writing package ($450) + the Surfer add-on ($100), amounting to $550. You can also see how much your order will cost in full before ordering by clicking “Place Order” here.

Our packages have been tailored with discounts built right in – the bigger the package, the more the savings! We also offer even better deals in two cases:

  • 10,000+ word monthly recurring orders
  • 100,000+ word orders

Just let us know (at that you want one or both of these packages before checking out, and we’ll send along an exclusive coupon.

No, you don’t have to sign up for Surfer or create your own brief. Once you place an order, our editorial team will handle that through our agency account!
Optimizing your content with Surfer’s Content Editor tool includes:
  • Selection of the most relevant competitors for your main keyword
  • Filtering the best keywords, key phrases, and words to include within the content
  • Inclusion of relevant topics/questions 
  • Optimization of the content based on the guidelines mentioned above, guaranteeing a minimum score of 70*
*Disclaimer: While we’ll do our best to optimize your articles, we reserve the right to deliver content below the 70 score in the below scenarios:
  • The average score of the top competitors is below 70
  • Your content has a different purpose/intent than that of the top competitors
  • You have specific requirements that don’t align with the guidelines suggested by Surfer
You’ll receive your content in a Google spreadsheet containing links to the articles’ respective SurferSEO Content Editor URLs.

Fees & Payments

We follow a bulk discount pricing strategy for our content packages. The more words you buy, the cheaper it gets! Our price range per word is from $0.049 to $0.039, depending on the package that suits your needs best.

We also have some extra deals if you’re looking to order over 100,000 words–-get in touch with us today so we can talk about that further!

You pay for your order upfront through our payment gateway, Stripe. Using this online transaction processing system, you can make the payment via different methods, including Visa, and Mastercard, with fraud protection and no hidden fees.

Alternatively, we also accept bank transfers to our US-based bank account (*only applies to plus and bulk packages–please contact us to learn more).

We don’t offer volume discounts for our packages, given that discounts are already built-in. However, if you’re looking at subscribing to our services or getting extra bulk content (100,000+ words), please contact us, and we’ll discuss how to best make that happen.

Yes! If you’re interested, get in touch with us for details and subscription plans.

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy in place for our tester and starter packages. In other words, from the day you receive your content and up to a month from that date, you can demand a full refund; it’s our way of ensuring your satisfaction. Make sure to check our preconditions.

Legal & Misc

Not unless you want to. Binding contracts can establish an excessively strict working scheme, and we like to leave your options open and allow for flexibility. Our contract is trust!

Our terms of service can be found on this page. Furthermore, feel free to contact us if you have any questions that you feel haven’t been addressed.

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