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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to make full use of ContentWish’s services.


We employ individuals from across the world, so not all of our writers are native English speakers. However, we guarantee that we carefully screen and hire for language proficiency.

We can adapt our process only for subscribers. Otherwise, we follow our normal turnaround times; 8 business days per 10,000 words.

Unfortunately, you can't choose a specific writer for your projects. However, rest assured that we carefully select writers who have experience writing in your industry.

No, we only create new content from scratch.


  • Content research
  • Title generation
  • Standard SEO optimization, including:
    • Main and secondary keywords placement
    • SEO-friendly formatting
  • ContentWish QA guarantee, which includes:
    • Plagiarism check via Copyscape Premium
    • Grammarly Premium check
    • One round of extensive content editing

After you buy your word credits and check out, you'll be able to access our client portal.

On your account dashboard, you’ll find a tab on the left called “Order Articles”, where you can submit your order details.

Our minimum requirements to start processing your order are:

  • Main keyword or article title/topic
  • Target word count (min. 500/article)

You can also upload a file containing your content guidelines/briefs.

Briefs in the form of videos, courses, and similar formats will not be accepted.

No, unless your order status on the client portal is still "Submitted."

Yes, but we won't work on them simultaneously. We want to serve all of our customers equally, and given that we have an in-house team, our capacity is limited.

We specialize in long-form SEO content, i.e., informative posts, product reviews, listicles, etc.

Here's a list of what we don't write:

  • Landing pages
  • Service pages
  • Social media posts
  • Home pages
  • Website copy
  • Email campaigns
  • HR manuals
  • Anything that doesn’t fall under the “blog posts” category.

We write about almost any topic, but some are off-limits. These include:

  • Sexual/18+ content 
  • Drugs/smoking-related content
  • Medical content that requires a doctor’s consultation
  • Gambling and betting content
  • Religious and spiritual content

If your order isn’t accepted for any reason, we’ll get back to you with an explanation and a full refund. If you're uncertain about an order because of its content, please contact us before placing it, and we'll inform you if it is suitable or not.


Yes, you can add your Surfer links while submitting your order details.

No, our team will create your articles’ briefs on our agency's account if you don't have one.

You’ll have to grant "Author" access to your website to 

As soon as your articles are delivered, we’ll upload them, adjust the formatting, and include the SEO tags. 

We’ll leave the posts as drafts or publish them, according to your preference.

Images will be royalty-free and picked from free image marketplaces like Pixabay, Unsplash, etc.

If you need featured images, we can create them using our Canva account.

Fees & Payments

You pay for your word credits upfront. Then, when you want to place an order, your articles’ word counts and add-ons will be deducted from your word credits balance.

Yes! If you’re interested, get in touch with us for details and subscription plans.

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