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Diverse origins set apart our content writing team. Root countries are of little importance at ContentWish, but English mastery, superb research skills, and simplifying the complexity of technical information are of paramount importance.

This is the principal cause behind our capability of providing you with high-standard and neatly-formatted content that converts at unbeatable prices, allowing you to scale your website easily. Take our word for it, our content writers wouldn’t have been part of the ContentWish team if they exhibited even the slightest of language problems. 

Taking into account our team’s impeccable research skills, we can write exquisite content on any topic that is researchable. Nevertheless, our content writers aren’t domain or subject-matter experts, so while we can tackle research-based topics on different functions such as psychology, law, science, health, medicine, economics, and similar, they’re not psychologists, lawyers, scientists, nutritionists, medical professionals, or economists.

Additionally, below is a list of a handful of topics that we don’t cater to:

  • Sexual/18+ content (adult content, casinos, pornography, nudity, explicit sexual depictions, dating services, and the like)
  • Content that advocates for hate speech (racism, discrimination, prejudice, etc.)
  • Content that promotes violence (directly or indirectly)
  • Marijuana and CBD content 
  • Medical content that requires a doctor’s consultation (even if the website emphasizes that the writers aren’t certified healthcare professionals in the form of a disclaimer). Examples of such topics include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Mixing medications and dietary supplements
    • Health advice/tips/medications for pregnant women
    • Medicine/supplements’ dosages 
    • Diagnosis of symptoms 
  • Gambling and betting content
  • Content promoting counterfeit goods
  • Tattoo topics 
  • Alcohol-related content
  • Smoking-related content (including vaping)
  • Religious and spiritual content
  • Content not abiding by legal requirements (hacking, drugs, weapons and explosives, etc.)


Important note: The topics on this list are subject to change without notice from us if we feel they’re not up our alley. If you have a particular topic in mind that isn’t listed here but could potentially be subject to rejection, please reach out to us at before placing your order and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

We’d be happy to accommodate your request and allow you to take your pick from our content writing team. Regrettably, that won’t always be feasible given several circumstantial factors including writers’ workloads and schedules. However, if your preferred writer is unoccupied at the time of your request, we’ll make sure they’re at your disposal.

Yet, rest assured that each content writer at ContentWish is up to par and will meet your expectations and beyond. In the uncommon case that you’re unsatisfied with your content, you can send it back to us for a full rewrite by a different writer.

Entirely, from the first to the last word! Content-generating software and tools are not in our dictionary. Our content writers craft the content from scratch, and articles are checked with premium plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape to give a pledge that 100% of your delivered content is unique.

We take quality control measures starting from the vetting of our content writers until content delivery.

Joining the ContentWish team is no easy task, where the writers who reach the hiring stage of our recruitment process undergo an extensive training period starting with observing videos on how to develop different article types and detailed written guides for reference, accompanied by pre-written samples from the team who have demonstrated excellence.

Then, our new hires put their learning into practice by developing samples on each article type, and receive feedback by our dedicated editors until they’re equipped to produce articles that are error-free and ready for publishing.

Even long after the writers have been part of the team, articles are scrutinized through our three-layered revision process of copyediting and diligent editing to ensure that they’re up to standard and meet the specifications of your brief.

Yes we do! Our content editors offer a full range of pre-submission and pre-publishing editing services for your articles, from basic editing such as proofreading, language corrections, and formatting, all the way to fact-checking and research verification.  Find out more about our editing services here.

Sure, and we don’t even require admin access! An editor or author account will simply do the job. We’re specialists when it comes to content publishing and we have vast experience with WordPress and multiple other Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms. Just mention that you’re interested in this service as an add-on; check its details here.

Without question! We tailor our tone of voice to fit your communication guidelines or brand style guides. Feel free to send them over and we’ll be happy to write in accordance to them.

Absolutely! Just make sure to send it to us when you reach out so we’re on the same page and we’ll streamline the process accordingly.

100%. All of our work is behind the scenes, and the content will be indistinguishable from your own. In fact, consider it yours; we’ll readily sign an NDA of your establishing. Alternatively, we can provide our own confidential disclosure agreement signed and dated.


Once the payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email that will redirect you to our private client portal. Through the gateway, you can add your order details, keep track of deliverables, and securely communicate with our team.

Alternatively, you can use our ready-made Content Instructions Template. Just fill it in with your requirements and send it our way after processing the payment.

The mandatory information to be submitted with the order are the main topic or keyword and the targeted article length. For advanced levels of SEO optimization, you may possibly incorporate topical subject headings and secondary keywords.

As a plus, you could further provide us with inspirational article references that you rate highly, or an exact sample of the voice, style, and tone that you desire in your content.

Due to our fast TAT, content orders are assigned to writers shortly after they’re confirmed. Once that occurs, it becomes inconvenient and problematic to execute changes to your order, which is why you need to run through your brief and requirements meticulously before you confirm your order.

On the other hand, if you communicate the modifications you want before the order confirmation or if the adjustment is minor, then it’s all feasible.

By all means! We’re dedicated to providing content services at your convenience. Contact us here and let’s discuss how we can fulfill your requests.

Our primary delivery form is through Google Docs, with each article being delivered individually while simultaneously being uploaded to your client portal. If, however, you want to take a step forward beyond just delivery, we can publish your content to WordPress directly. Learn more about our different add-ons, including WordPress Publishing here.

Orders consisting of 10,000 words or less are delivered in one shot, while orders above 10,000 words are delivered in batches. The underlying reason behind this is to adapt the content in progress to your remarks, while also shortening the cycle of content development.

Fees & Payments

With our core service being content writing, we follow the bulk discount pricing strategy. Accordingly, the fees depend on your requested word count and order quantity; the higher the word count, the lower the fees. To answer your question, our prices can go as low as $30/1,000 words. You can check our prices here, including prices of add-ons as well. If you’re merely interested in our editing services, you’ll find all its details here. As for our content planning and keyword research services, we apply custom pricing case by case. Contact us to discuss more.

You pay for your order upfront through our payment gateway, Stripe. Using this online transaction processing system, you can make the payment via different methods, including Visa, and Mastercard, with fraud protection and no hidden fees. Alternatively, we also accept PayPal as a payment method.

Sure thing! The more content you order, the more money you save per 1,000 words. Applying a simple example of economies of scale, here’s how you can benefit from high-volume orders:

  • If you order 5,000 words and the rate/1,000 words is $38→ the total order cost will be $190.
  • However, if you order 10,000 words, the rate/1,000 words is $31→ the total order cost will be $310.
  • Accordingly, you save $120.

    Find out more about our pricing here.

Yes! If you’re interested, get in touch with us for details and subscription plans.

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy in place. In other words, from the day you receive your content and up to a month from that date, you can demand a full refund; it’s our way of ensuring your satisfaction. Be that as it may, make sure to check our preconditions.

For more information on our different guarantees, visit this page.

Legal & Stuff

Not unless you want to. Binding contracts can establish an excessively strict working scheme, and we like to leave your options open and allow for flexibility. Our contract is trust!

Our terms of service can be found on this page. Furthermore, feel free to contact us if you have any questions that you feel haven’t been addressed.

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