Why ContentWish

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us!

If you’re speculating about why we should be your go-to when it comes to content services, read ahead to get a clear picture of how quality takes center stage at ContentWish and learn more about what we do to scale your content production and drive more traffic to your site.

Gone are the days when SEO-optimized content meant keyword stuffing and fluff content to increase the word count. Today, Google’s standards of true optimization have shifted to ranking pages with straightforward content that provides what users are actually looking for when they search for particular queries.

That’s what we do; we evaluate and answer user queries, providing searchers with on-target, direct answers that fulfill their questions.

Each of our writers is hand-picked to guarantee that content consistency is maintained all across, which is essential for your business to retain and increase traffic. All of our writers are up to par when it comes to content standards, with each crafting not less than 5000 words per week.

There’s no overstating the value of a well-written article sample, especially a published one. But as an extra quality control step, we request a supplemental writing sample on a topic within our focus area to assess research skills, content readability, and flow, and undoubtedly, impeccable written command of the English language.

Once hired, our writers undergo a writing training cycle that’s divided into three stages. Firstly, they submit articles on myriad topics. Secondly, two editors and a content marketer revise and edit the articles. Finally, the writer makes the necessary adjustments before publishing to equip them for the typical work dynamic.

We provide the highest quality of SEO-optimized content at the lowest possible price point. This is attainable through our devoted, well-trained, exophonic writers with origins from all around the globe. Check the main secret behind our affordable prices here.

Our team of expert content writers is trained to abide by SEO writing techniques that work and convert. Depend on us to bring you qualified leads through our compelling content that persuades readers to take action subtly and naturally while following SEO best practices. Over and above that, we take SEO-optimization to an advanced level by using software like SurferSEO. Learn more about our add-ons here.

We have a three-layer editing process set in place to ensure the delivery of faultless content every time without exception.

Every write-up goes through a set of editors and senior editors who proofread the article for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Moreover, they also go substantially further to address clarity and style as well as verify facts, confirm technical accuracy, and endorse up to par research coverage. Not to mention, all our articles are checked for duplicate content and uniqueness through plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape.

The ongoing debate of whether high-quality content or high-volume content should be prioritized is irrelevant to us. We continuously produce high volumes of top-notch quality simply and consistently at impressively short turnaround times.

If you’re a content website owner looking for high-volume, SEO-optimized content that converts at accelerated timeframes, we’re up to it. Check our turnaround time here.

We specialize in well-researched, resourceful blog-type posts and writing for the web, delivering content that works for any niche to drive sales and traffic.

Be it product reviews, informational articles on technical topics, product descriptions for e-commerce stores, niche sites, or more, we’re familiar with a superabundance of website monetization methods and those are our focus areas. Simply, content that has a call to action and makes you money is our area of expertise.

We know how packed your schedule can be, so we want to assure you that we’re proficient in each step of our content development process, starting from keyword research and content planning all the way to publishing the developed content on WordPress. Find out more about our add-ons here.

Although we provide you with free content samples from the team, we further place your satisfaction as our priority by taking the bold, unconventional measure of offering you both unlimited revisions and a 30-day money-back guarantee despite the resulting losses on our operations due to the overwhelming costs associated with content-generation.

In the rare case that the content didn’t live up to your expectations which were built on the basis of our samples, you’re eligible for a refund. Read more about our guarantees that make the experience 100% risk-free here.